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If there is one tool that does it all, the kettlebell wins hands down. Kettlebell training can be for anyone, no matter one's age, size, or experience in the iron game. Kettlebell training delivers total body fitness.  We train movements, not body parts, each workout engaging your entire body. You will burn fat, build strength and lean muscle, get your heart rate pumping, move and feel better. You will be challenged physically and have fun doing it!

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"Best workout in Birmingham!" - Chris B.

"It is a safe and very effective workout and it changes and challenges you every time." - Dr. Vickers, Back On Track Chiropractic

"It’s an invigorating, full body workout." - Michael B.

"HMG is not just about the workout – it’s about expanding the concept of training, strength and functional movement." - Kerry J.

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