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Janna S.

Before starting at HMG, I had no consistency or accountability when it came to my health and fitness. I also wasn’t very strong. I now work out on a consistent weekly basis with people who inspire me to do better by being super encouraging and supportive. The workouts are always engaging and fun, and I never feel like I am competing against the new friends I have made at the gym. I also have an advisor and mentor in Jody. He truly cares about my health and fitness goals and has helped me achieve more than I ever thought I could. I have gone from not being able to do a single pushup to now performing strict multiple rep sets and I recently deadlifted 235lbs for a personal record! I’m proud of how strong I have become and now friends/co-workers always ask me for help when they’re trying to move something heavy.




Before training at HMG Fitness, I was overweight, lethargic, and my diet was basically pizza and beer. I tried 24hr gyms and running on a strict schedule, but I only saw meager progress towards my weight loss goals. A friend recommended HMG Fitness and spoke highly of Jody and the training offered at his gym. I knew from the first day, and my first Turkish get-up, that this was a workout that was very different from anything I had tried before. Jody is a very knowledgeable and friendly teacher, and is highly dedicated to his craft. He is considerate and genuinely wants to see his people succeed. In almost a year since joining and taking advantage of his dietary advice and training I have lost 34 pounds and went from looking like a banana with a beer gut to someone who stands up straight and walks with more confidence.

Brett L.


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