Our Vision

The fitness industry is saturated with training programs following the "go hard or go home" and "no pain, no gain" mantras​, extreme dieting, and magical supplements. These approaches can deliver results. However, taking these often extreme measures using fad diets and punishing workouts can potentially be detrimental to your overall health.

We understand that joining a gym can be intimidating and finding the right program can be confusing with the overload of information available. This is why here at HMG, we've created a healthy learning environment to maximize your growth potential both physically and mentally. We will guide you ever step of the way and teach you how to make lasting changes using consistent and sustainable approaches in strength training and nutrition. ​

The pursuit of strength and health is a lifelong journey.

Let us  guide you down your path to empowerment.

Kerry J.

HMG is not just about the workout – it’s about expanding the concept of training, strength and functional movement. Before I started at HMG, I had reduced range of motion in my shoulders and the rest of my body was basically out of balance. With FMS, strength training, proper techniques and movements, I increased my range of motion dramatically and have been able to perform lifts without pain that I previously could not perform or could not perform without pain. My biggest accomplishments are going from 3-4 sloppy pull-ups to 16 strict, dead-hang pull-ups, mastering the kettlebell swing, and being able to overhead press with NO PAIN. The biggest fears I overcame were the fears of going heavy and hurting myself, but I learned proper technique and gained confidence that I can safely lift heavy and not get hurt. I love the small group training sessions. There is enough people to be able to give each other encouragement during workouts, but small enough to get individual instruction/correction when needed. Jody goes above and beyond just a personal trainer or "coach", and HMG is miles apart from a regular gym. Be ready to get your “strong” on!!