Kerry J.

HMG is not just about the workout – it’s about expanding the concept of training, strength and functional movement. Before I started at HMG, I had reduced range of motion in my shoulders and the rest of my body was basically out of balance. With FMS, strength training, proper techniques and movements, I increased my range of motion dramatically and have been able to perform lifts without pain that I previously could not perform or could not perform without pain. My biggest accomplishments are going from 3-4 sloppy pull-ups to 16 strict, dead-hang pull-ups, mastering the kettlebell swing, and being able to overhead press with NO PAIN. The biggest fears I overcame were the fears of going heavy and hurting myself, but I learned proper technique and gained confidence that I can safely lift heavy and not get hurt. I love the small group training sessions. There is enough people to be able to give each other encouragement during workouts, but small enough to get individual instruction/correction when needed. Jody goes above and beyond just a personal trainer or "coach", and HMG is miles apart from a regular gym. Be ready to get your “strong” on!!

I love the Jodster!! Before I started with HMG I tried EVERYTHING to get myself in shape, from dvd's including p90x, Pilates, etc. to elliptical machines (borrrring) and regular gyms. What I like most about HMG is the one-on-one attention I feel like I get even though it is in a class setting. I have overcome fears of lifting heavy weights, especially over my gorgeous face :). Jody is THE MOST patient trainer and is genuinely concerned with safety and proper technique. I have become motivated with becoming stronger and more confident. Along with that, I have loved having a more nutrient dense diet. I feel Jody has been very accommodating and flexible with listening to clients' needs. He is supportive and not critical, yet pushes you to your potential. I cannot think of anything I'd change. I love the relationships I've made with fellow class members as well as Jody. My ass thanks him for making it more slappable! I thank Jody for motivating me to keep pushing forward. He is great at what he does and has a true passion! My best advice for anyone who is starting out is to just put fears aside and trust the BLACK BELL. Peace.

-- Ann W.

My experience at HMG has been life changing physically. Before I started, I was working out but did not truly understand what true strength was.  Jody has helped me set goals and achieve them. One of them was performing a Turkish getup with a kettlebell equal to half my body weight. It takes a lot of patience and practice to do some of the moves correctly, but its worth all of the struggles getting there. The biggest change I have made is paying attention to detail when doing any lift.

-- Denny H.

Michael B.

Since the very beginning of my time with HMG Fitness, my experiences have been nothing but positive. Jody has helped me realize my fat loss/muscle gain and fitness goals faster and with more success than I have ever experienced working out on my own with self-help programs and videos, such as P90X and Insanity. I am stronger, leaner, and healthier than I have ever been in my entire life. This gym has changed my life in the best way possible. I eat healthier, feel great every day, and am more confident in multiple aspects of my life.

Before HMG, I had gained a lot of fat after my marriage and I felt and looked awful. I knew I had to make some changes, or it was just going to get worse. After a year of failures trying different diets and programs I decided to give HMG Fitness a try. I have to admit after the starter class, I wasn’t hooked. It would be a few months before I actually started back working out with Jody, but this had nothing to do with the gym or kettlebells. That had to do with me, myself. You are your own worst enemy, you are the quickest to make excuses for yourself. This had to stop. I finally buckled down and made a change. I put myself on a diet and a month later I started working out at with Jody and have stuck to it since.

Kettlebell training has been very rewarding. There is just something about swinging around metal balls that gets the blood going. It’s an invigorating, full body workout. The muscle build and fat loss has been substantial too. If you have been looking for a way to cut the fat, gain muscle, get/stay fit, then there is no better place to do it than at HMG. Jody has been a godsend for me. He does his best to make himself available for his members and is an all-around great guy to train with. The amount of attention you get from Jody as a personal trainer is well worth the amount of the membership costs. A lot of people more financially fortunate than myself pay several times as much for less than what you get from Jody. Just give it a chance, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with kettlebells as much as so many have before you.

Strength, core, fit; these are words that seem to be thrown around a lot lately with no basis on how to achieve these goals. This day and age it seems like anyone can open a garage gym with a few bucks and a weekend course. There is a very small group that this works for, but for the rest of us it could be the difference between life or death.

Enter Jody Beasley..

He came to my office seeking Chiropractic care about a year ago. He did not have a specific problem. He was just looking for someone to help him with his frame. I noticed on his entry form his was a trainer. I immediately said "oh like cross fit". Those of you who know Jody know that was the wrong thing to say. I was then given a quick editorial on kettlebell training.

Jody came in for a few months to get adjusted and he rarely talked about his gym. Usually, I am on guard for the hard sell, but not with Jody. He would just ask me every now and then what I did to workout. I mentioned running, P90x(1,2 and 3), and recently cross fit. One day, out of the blue he said "you know you should try kettlebells, just come on by and try it out".

So began my journey with HMG. I couldn't be more pleased. The first session Jody performed several measurements to see where I was "weak" and right away he noticed a weakness in my shoulders. Throughout the workouts he customized stretches to help with my flexibility in my weak areas. Every workout is an all inclusive. They work your core, legs, arms and endurance. As a Chiropractor that is bent over adjusting patients all day, this is very important. I have seen positive changes in my golf swing and how I feel at the end of a busy day.

I highly recommend Jody to all my patients. It is a safe and very effective workout and it changes and challenges you every time. If you want to change how you look and feel call Jody Beasley today!

- Yours in health,

Dr. M. K. Vickers - Back On Track Chiropractic

My experience with HMG has been nothing by good things. I met Jody and his wife, Kristy, in a social setting and wanted to try out kettlebells. I'd been doing Crossfit and Irontribe for almost 3 years and wasn't intimidated by the workouts. I was already working out 4-5 days a week but I needed something different - variety. It wasn't until a threat of an injury that I made myself go.

I was tired of the extensive soreness my body went through after workouts. I had been struggling with chronic shoulder pain and bursitis in my right hip for months. Anything overhead was a struggle and my hip was constantly burning. My immediate goal was to heal and strengthen my shoulders. I figured my hip would heal with time.

At first, the plan was to workout and heal while building mobility. I did this for 2 months while taking time away from Irontribe. During this time, I worked on Turkish Get-Ups, swings, and squats - that's it...the variety I was looking for was over. Jody knew I needed a goal to be happy and put me on a one-arm swing program for six weeks. I was able to continue the simple movements and heal while accomplishing a goal - 300 16kg one are swings in 15 minutes.

Deadlifts were next. I began going to the Heavy Lifter class and started a program for 5-rep max deadlift. This was a move I've been doing for years and never really knew my 1-rep max. After figuring out it was 205, I started chasing a 5-rep max of 205. I exceeded that and ended up pulling 255 for a new 1-rep max and a lifetime personal best.

In conjunction with the deadlift programming, my shoulders seemed to have recovered and it was time to build strength. Jody started me on "Rite of Passage." For 6 weeks, 3 days per week, I did clean and press ladders with a 12 kg bell (again "variety"). Over those 6 weeks, I went from being able to overhead press a 12 kg bell on my left side only 3 times, to 5 ladders of 5 (75 total reps).

Currently, my program is no program - at least for now. I continue to work on shoulder strength as well and have earned more variety to my workout. I'm working snatches, heavier swings, and anything else Jody throws at me. My shoulders don't give me problems anymore. My hip....still working on that but it's better. The individual programming, small group coaching, and having the time to really find my "max" and build goals around that has made the biggest difference for me.

-- Kelly M.

I tried Planet Fitness and a variety of different workout DVDs, fad diets, and diet/exercise programs prior to joining HMG. There just wasn't any accountability in that and it was very easy to slip back into old habits of highly sporadic exercising and mild to moderately terrible eating. There was also little to no guidance in the types of exercises I should be doing or if I was doing them properly. I'd heard about HMG from some friends and decided to contact Jody for more info. I was skeptical at first because I have back problems and asthma and wasn't sure I wanted to pay that much for a gym membership, but Jody let my fiance and I do a week trial to see if it was a good fit for us. Needless to say, we joined.

The classes are small and the atmosphere is positive. Jody is able to give everyone individualized attention because of the small class sizes; he has a great concern for safety and ensuring everyone is doing the exercises properly. He modifies workouts to fit your ability and skill level. After 2 months of attending kettlebell classes 3 times a week, I could tell a drastic difference in my strength and how my clothes were fitting. After 4 months of attending, I'd lost a total of 22 pounds, 23 total inches, and my BMI went down by 3.4 points. My asthma has improved and I've gained a little gym community of friends for life!

-- Andrea W.

Going to this gym has been one of the best decisions I have made. I wanted to start working out but had no direction and little motivation. My close friends always talked about this gym. Eventually, my fiancé and I decided to get off of our butts and check it out. We met up with Jody to discuss everything about the gym. Shortly after, we signed on as members and the rest is history. I enjoy going to train with Jody and the rest of the HMG members. The class sizes are small which allows more individual coaching. I am the strongest I have ever been thanks to Jody and I plan to continue getting stronger.

-- Will M.

I began training at HMG because I was concerned about the loss of muscle mass that occurs with middle age and had experienced limited satisfaction with other strength conditioning. I have had a great experience at HMG. The atmosphere that Jody creates is very conducive to facilitate success. Jody recognizes that everyone enters his facility at different skill levels and with different short and long term goals. He crafts a workout regimen to meet the individual's goals. Strength training has always been a burden rather than a pleasure, but I continue to enjoy the training sessions and improve my strength and flexibility.

-- Dr. E. T. Overton

I was in the market for a place to workout and get in better shape. I was fat and didn't do much physical activity outside of work. HMG was close to my place of employment which made it convenient and it was recommended to me by a friend. Now, in addition to the activity at work, I also train 4 times a week. I feel better, stronger, and able. I have a physically demanding job that often requires lifting and handling heavy objects. The movements and training focused on in the gym can often almost directly translate to the things that I do at work. I have a better understanding of how the body moves and can lift things and do activities safely, effectively, and without strain or fatigue.

I have learned a lot of movements and exercises, lost weight, gained mass, and increased mobility stamina and endurance. The effort put into training has caused me to pay closer attention to what I eat in order to continue to continue to lose weight. As a likely result of the weight loss and overall better physical condition, I no longer have to take blood pressure medication.

I had to overcome training in a with other people in a social environment. Now I really enjoy the the team, "we're all in this together", atmosphere that sometimes develops on hard workout days. It can be new and tough and awkward at first, but it will pay off and will end up being fun and rewarding.

-- Eric P.

When I got married and moved to Alabama, I left a gym that was heavily kettlebell focused. I'd been a member of that gym for 4 years, and the thought of finding another place that I would fit into so easily was daunting. For two years, I half-heartedly searched and did little to maintain my fitness level in the process - working out alone is not my forte. I'd joined a local gym that I thought was going to be perfect, but the trainers weren't RKC certified, we didn't use kettlebells very much or in a way I was familiar with, and I felt like I was training on my own. If I wanted to train on my own, I wouldn't be looking for a gym in the first place. I'd gained a lot of weight, and I was getting angry with myself for going so long without finding my new "gym home".

In January 2014, I'd decided that I was tired of being tired and I got online to search RKC certified trainers near where I work in Irondale. As soon as I saw HMG's website, I read all about Jody (and even did a little Facebook stalking to see how serious he was). The clincher for me was that there was a mandatory intro class. I remember thinking, "Oh yay!! Someone who is focused on client safety, understands the body's natural motions, keeps classes small enough that people won't get lost, and wants to know his clients one-on-one." I was so excited that I may have found the place that I'd been searching for! I was not disappointed.

Since my first meeting with Jody, I haven't missed a class (unless I went on vacation)! I can feel myself getting stronger and have gone down a pants size! He helps me set goals and doesn't make me feel weird or less-than when I say that my goal is to do a "real" push-up. I'm almost there, and I feel like I will be able to do it by the end of the year, which is huge to me!

Another thing about this gym that I truly appreciate is that I have never heard Jody say "no, that's wrong" when someone has improper form. For example, I was trained a different form of squatting. As soon as I did it in front of Jody, he said, "okay, how about trying it this way", and then he explained to me the difference and the reasoning. I struggled with the new form for a little while (both mentally and physically), but he never said "don't" or "wrong" or "bad". I know that sounds like a small thing, but it was really important to me that he didn't make me feel like "my way" was bad or like "his way" was better. He just helped me move forward and learn, and now the "old way" feels strange.

While I know that walking into a gym with very little recognizable "standard" equipment can be intimidating, I would certainly encourage anyone to give HMG a try. Meet with Jody, go through the introductory class. You will learn so much about the way your body moves and what you are capable of, that your primary goals will change right in front of your eyes. You will go from thinking "I want to lose weight" to thinking "I want to swing the 'beast'!" You will make friends with the other people in your class that have all experienced the same thing. One thing to remember, as a "newbie", is that everyone at HMG has been exactly where you are - it's hard, it can feel weird, it does get better. Kettlebell-lovers are a different breed of athlete. We come in all different shapes and sizes with different strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately, we want others to love this hunk of metal as much as we do.

HMG is more than a place to "throw heavy things". When I walk in the door, I feel instantly comfortable. This is a place to work out, to make friends, to figure out fitness goals, to learn proper technique, and to joke with one another while sweating profusely.

---Lauren B.